Ijaysworld is a community for teenagers and young adults and those who love them. At Ijaysworld, we provide practical methodologies, which, if applied, teens/youths can fully maximize that stage of their lives thus preparing them for the higher years ahead.

Ijaysworld depicts a world of love, hope, learning, sharing life experiences, and impact for, and with teens/youths. In our world, we provide answers to the myriads of questions tugging their hearts ranging from relationships to smart financing to academics; through life experiences of those who have passed through the stage.


Our mission is to help mould and inculcate the right values into teens/young adults through educative, inspirational posts and life experiences.


The vision is to build) holistically outstanding teen/young adults nationally, who are assets to the family, society, and God.


Ijaysworld aims to impact young minds positively, and help them appreciate right values that will build them up as responsible and great individuals in the society. We believe this blog will help people of all ages to understand the beauty of the teen/youth life.

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