Looking back at 2018: My year in retrospect

Posted on Sat, Jan 12 2019

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Looking back at 2018, I would say the year wasn't rosy like other years. It was characterized by myriad of ups and downs. Through it all, my heart is filled with gratitude as I review the previous year. I started out almost bleak, having no idea of what it held; but certain decisions I took determined how it played out. So, in this retrospective, I put 2018 in perspective, looking back at some of my favourite moments that made the year worth talking about. For me, 2018 was a year of personal growth. 

You might want to ask how? Oh well, come with me as I flash my torch back at 2018.

1. God: First of all, I acknowledge God for all he has been to me through last year. He has been my priority, my father, my source, my guide, my provider and ultimate helper in times of need. I remember hitting the rock bottom several times with no hope of getting back up, but God showed up. My confidence is totally built on Him. Without God, I really don’t know where I would’ve been. Life began to truly make sense when my pursuit for God began!

2. My Mentors: Mentors, they say are ladders. Standing on the shoulders of giants yield quantum leaps in any direction one is going. My decision for mentorship began when I became intentional about fulfilling my purpose. In 2018, I encountered mentors I never imagined I could get in touch with. I got to learn from the wealth of their wisdom. Interacting with them has helped me glean and apply a lot from their personal life experiences.

3. Mental Transformation: Growing up in the North, especially in an environment where mediocrity was a norm, made me see life through the wrong lenses. An untransformed mind is truly unproductive. One of the greatest miracles that happened to me is the transformation of my mind; it altered a lot of wrong ideologies I grew up with. This has helped in shaping my belief system, making me want to push through for more despite all odds.  

4. Network: There’s a popular saying that goes thus: “the person you will be in five years is dependent on the books you read and the people you hang around with”.  No one is an island. 2018 taught me to network and streamline my choice of friends. I sought for certain calibre of people with qualities I desired and noticed drastic progress when I began to follow these people I look up to. This has helped build me in no small way. I’m not who I want to be and I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m grateful for the lady I am becoming.  

5. Volunteering: Volunteering is simply acting out of a person’s will without a legal obligation. It is a tool that helps sharpen and accelerate one professionally through a ladder. My passion for personal development launched me into volunteering. Currently, I’m a volunteer for the media team at the Leader’s Manna Network (LMN). Through it, I’ve been able to freely learn certain skills and more importantly, give my best to put smiles on people’s faces! 

6. Family: When all else fails, God and family always remains.  My family has been my biggest source of motivation, giving me the required drive to move forward and tread greater paths. I remember failing and returning home broken severally. Then, a beautiful feeling of hope surged within me knowing that there’s a shoulder to lean on and a pat on the back to remind you never to give up!

7. Rejection: Imagine launching out with great ideas and proposals and getting rejected! It’s a terrible state no one wants to be in, Like Nigerians will say “my bubbles were bursted countless times”. The feeling is terrible. But maturity has taught me to accept rejection and move on; for rejection in itself is mostly a gift. Through rejection, I’ve been able to look within and launch out on certain things I thought I was not capable of doing. 

8. Service in God’s House: I started working with Eternity Network International (Koinonia) Media Department in 2017. It has been a bitter-sweet experience for me considering how I had to adjust to a lot of pruning and growth process. Through it all, a beautiful part of me was birthed, I discovered potentials I never knew I had and God has rewarded me in diverse ways.

9. Paradigm shift – My paradigms began to change when I began to attend the right meetings, interact with people of like minds and read mind transforming books. Changing paradigms has helped me take a quantum leap at becoming the woman of my dreams.

10. Books: Readers are leaders. Through books, I’ve been able to broaden my horizon, develop my personality, stimulate my creativity and learn a lot better. One book I’m thankful for reading in 2018 is Smart Money Woman. It has helped restructure my mindset about finance, savings and investment. Books have helped me make right choices. 

I have so much to be thankful for. I can make bold to say I’ve made more progress than I’d thought when 2018 began. However, I am really looking forward to where 2019 will lead me. I know it will be nothing short of great advancement on all sides. 

Happy New Year to you!

Esther Ilesanmi.

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Faith Ijeoma Ezenwere

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