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Posted on Tue, Jul 28 2020

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Hey Ijaysworld lovers! Have you ever picked up a book and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is, “where have this book been all my life? Well, that was my exclamation when I picked up this particular book I want to gist you about.

First of all, how has the month of July been for all of you? I would say July has been a great month for me and I cannot wait, oh I can wait actually for August to come. Hahahahahahahaha. I did a lot of writing and editing project this month and I am indeed happy and grateful with the progress I’m making in that part of my life. But that’s not why I am here. That is a story for another day.

Basically, I am here to gist you about my current reading book title. I mentioned the book on my social media handles and a lot of people said they read it like some years ago and I was wondering, “where have I been all this while? How come I am just coming to know about this masterpiece of a book?

So, the book I am currently reading is the confident woman by Joyce Meyer. Yaaaaayyyyyy. When I saw it in my employer’s collection of books, I was captivated by the book title and of course, the author. She’s one of my favourite authors. I requested to have a read and he obliged me. I came online shortly after and saw a post by my friends talking about the book. They boosted my eagerness to read the book. And so, I did.

I’m yet to get to a quarter of the book, yet I’ve gotten loads of value. Joyce Meyer poured out her heart to women through the book’s rich chapters and expositions. I do relate with the book a whole lot and the more I read each chapter, the more I feel the book was specifically written for me.

I got to a chapter that emphasized on exercise for women. I’m very intentional about exercise, though not on a regular basis. But the day I got to that chapter, I got gingered, let me use that word, to step up my exercise game. I jogged, ran and walked briskly, all rolled into one to a particular place that was quite a distance. And you know what, that particular feat boosted my confidence. I felt good with myself.

So, here’s the main gist, I’ll most likely do a review of lessons learnt from the book when I am done but, I’ll recommend it to every woman to read. Trust me, you’ll find so much to learn from it. More so, you will have yourself a great companion. Do this and thank me later.

Guys, If I decide not to return this book to my employer, what does that make me? Cos I’m planning not to. I’ll pleasantly tell him to sow it as a seed to my life 😂😂.

What book are you currently reading?

What value are you getting from it? 


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