No room for laziness: Joshua Mike Bamiloye tells young folks

Posted on Thu, Apr 30 2020

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This week on spotlight, we have an amiable guest in  our midst. This is one informative interview you’ll enjoy the read. 

Come along with me! 


My name is Joshua Mike-Bamiloye aka Jaymikee. I am a graduate of Bowen University Bsc Mass Communication. I am a Music Producer and a Digital Artist but over all, I am a Drama Minister under the Mount Zion Faith Ministries. 

What influenced your journey into the drama ministry? Was it automatic or you chose to?

In a way it was automatic. But of course as I grew , I became mature enough to  decide to stay or leave. And I chose to stay. It was automatic because it was what I and my siblings were born into. Absorbing that type of life came with part of our growing up experience. 

Between being a Music producer, Movie Tech and Digital Artist, which do you enjoy the most?

Haha. That’s like asking which one of your children you like the most. You’ve got to love them individually for who they are. Because these fields are all under the creative arts umbrella, it’s difficult for me to separate anyone. I love all three of them equally.  

Awwwwwwwn. That’s nice. We can say you are a man of many parts, how do you manage to give your best at all of these?

It’s all by God’s grace, that’s for sure. God has put in me that passion that is a major driving factor. 

So far, what can you say have been your greatest challenge in the industry you find yourself?

Time... I just don’t have enough of it. There’s so much to do, so much to learn, so much to achieve but so little time. But God’s been giving me the grace to manage what I’ve been given. The Bible tells us to remember God in the days of our youth. God knows it’s this time we will have the most time to build a foundation for what the rest of our lives will be built on. May God help us.  

I can so imagine. That moment you want to do so much but the clock says you only have 24 hours in  a day…

How do you balance your personal life with your professions?

Haha! It’s been seriously intertwined. It’s hard to separate “personal” life from what you have a serious passion for. Rather, you build your life round it. Your home, location, marriage etc.  

Hmmmm, you build your life around it! Moving on, What can you say makes you fulfilled?

Achieving something that’s a part of what God has created me for. Biggest fulfillment. 

Do you ever think of quitting at any point? If yes, what helps you move on. 

It has never crossed my mind to quit. HOWEVER, it does cross my mind a lot to have a break, holiday, time out etc Lol! I’ve been warned a lot of time to take things easy, and I’m trying now. But to quit? Never. As long as I’m alive, God will always have a job for me to do.  

I can so relate. We definitely need that rest to avoid burning out. Now, what values do you hold dear?

Fulfillment of purpose and being at peace with God and all men. 

Who/What is your greatest Motivator?

God, my parents and the souls that need saving. 

That’s great. Souls that need saving also motivates me to give of my best. There are times I thought of quitting but the thought of people who need my services kept me back. So now, what kind of people do you like to be associated with?

Godly people, creative people and humorous people. 

If you have the opportunity to stand before young ones and speak to them, what is that one thing you will tell them?

Now is the time, not when you’re married, not when you’re out searching for a job, now. Seek God and let Him guide you into what He has created you for. Begin to build the record and watch it mount up for the world to see. The time starts now. 

Final words of admonition to our readers.

Develop a strong relationship with God,  and develop yourself too. As you dig into the scripture to grow your spirit, dig into the internet to grow your skills. The spirit of God will breath into your skills and make it extra ordinary. There’s no room for laziness in this era. Also don’t wait until you have it all before you begin, start with the little you have. It’s all God truly needs. God bless. 

Thank you so much for your time. I’ve got value and I’m sure our readers will do same

You are welcome. God bless you! 


Faith Ijeoma Ezenwere

Hi there, My name is Faith Ijeoma Ezenwere. I am a Broadcast Journalist/OAP and a teen coach. I am passionate about building a community of impact driven Teens and young adults in all spheres of life. In simple terms, I help Teens/Young adults live their dreams. Welcome to my World!

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