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Earlier this year, I attended a program at Redemption Camp of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. I couldn’t connect with the people I went with so I had to wait for them to pick me up. While...

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Nine guides to raising a female teen

You will agree with me that each passing day, parents are faced with challenges that come with training female teens, especially in a fast speed generation. Times have changed and things are moving...

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Mother-Daughter relationship: 9 tips in curbing teenage pregnancy

  Each passing day, it seems difficult to raise a female adolescent in this age. You wouldn’t compare the speed things move in our generation with the generation of our forefathers....

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3 Great tips to help you retain your boy’s friendship when he turns 13

It’s a disturbing thought for parents isn’t it? I mean the fact you may one day lose the friendship and open rapport of your boy in just a few short years from now. If care is not...

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Puberty: What your teen girl needs to expect!

The transition to puberty is something most teenagers find difficult to accept. If you ask some, they would rather remain in the childhood stage than transition to the new stage. This is also a stage...

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  You will agree with me that one of the greatest joys in life is to have a teenager. Yes they can be quite a handful but the truth is that they are bundles of happiness and love to the...

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