ASUU STRIKE: Six productive things to do during the strike

Posted on Fri, Dec 07 2018

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If you went through the four walls of any government-owned tertiary institutions in the country, you would have experienced at least one strike action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU. While some students are expectant that it will be called off soon hence doing nothing; some others are engaging in different productive ventures while it lasted. If you are in the former category, I do advice you switch to the latter and get busy. Are there things you could do to make productive use of the period? Most definitely yes. Here are some of those things you could engage yourself in to stay productive.


While I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree, I experienced one of those strike actions. This one was a bit long. It lasted for six months.  At first, we thought it won’t take long but before we know what was happening, it lingered and weeks turned to months. Gradually, students were vacating the hostel to their various homes. Of course, some of us welcomed the impromptu break in studies. I wouldn’t say if I was happy about it or sad. I was just indifferent. However, some students stayed back in school with the hope that it will soon be over but it wasn’t the case. I was one of those that stayed back. Since it looked like nothing was happening as regards resumption, I decided to read up my course materials.

Prior to this time, I wasn’t so diligent with the reading/study. I made up my mind to diligently study my course materials and was on that path before the strike action commenced. Luckily for me, I had already met some of my senior colleagues and collected their previous materials. So when the strike started, I had things to read up ahead. My goal was to read so much that when we resume school activities, all I had to do was revise my materials. We all know that once school resumes, most institutions wouldn’t want to be behind their academic calendar, hence the tendency to rush the students.

So I read like no man’s business. I made sure I covered most of my courses before leaving the hostel for home. Eventually, when the strike was called off, it didn’t take long before the exam happened to us.

You can imagine the kind of confidence I had that semester knowing that I had covered the areas I needed to cover.

Guess what? When results were released, I had a 4.7GPA. That was my highest GPA so far and I was already in my third year. I was so thrilled and yea, proud of myself #winks.

You can adopt my style and read up materials ahead of time to avoid any sort of pressure. If you couldn’t get notes of those that have gone ahead of you as I did, you can Google the topics in your course syllabus and read up. I know you may have that feeling that “when we resume classes, they will give us time to prepare”. Oh well, I had that feeling too but it’s not always the case.


This is the time you have to meticulously get all pending assignments done. In my own time, my class was to produce a movie as part of a course requirement. The movie production was already on course before the strike action began. But, we stayed until we finished up with it. There is every tendency to go to sleep since classes are on hold; you wouldn’t want to take chances, would you?


Find a skill that interests you and find ways to learn them. Some of these skills, if not a majority of them are paid for. However, if you do not have the means to pay to be trained in these skills, you could apply to be an intern or a helper simply put. That way, you are learning and at the same time helping out in the work. You could take some online courses and training in specific areas. Majority of these courses are paid for. But if you cannot afford a paid training at the moment, you can take advantage of the free ones available. Access these platforms and check out their free courses: Udemy, EDx, Coursera, Acumen and so many others.


I looooove volunteering. I see it as a way of giving back to the community. There is so much joy in rendering your services for free to causes that are dear to your heart. You can volunteer to teach the children or teens in your church. You can also volunteer with NGOs. A lot of them are into so many activities especially this Christmas season. Reach out to them and lend a helping hand to promote what they stand for. Also, use this period to practice your course by volunteering. if you are a Mass Communication like me, visit radio/TV houses and volunteer to work with them. you will get the real thing more than what you are taught in school.


Now is a good time to invest in reading books outside your course of study. Technology has so advanced that we can actually have these books on our devices. It comes in handy thereby allowing you to gain knowledge through the books. So you see that instead of endlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram feed, you could read a book instead. I prefer reading books in hard copies, but the ones in soft copy come in handy and I have tons of them. And not just that, there are also audiobooks which you can listen to while you engage in other activities.


This is one of the great things you could use this period for. Design a bible study plan and grow in the knowledge of God. Strategically map our chapters you hope to cover in this period and study them.  Asides studying, meditate, and with meditating, pray that the word of God will be fruitful in your heart.

So, there you go. Did I leave anything out? I’ll love to hear from you.


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