Dear young girl, you are made for more!

Posted on Sat, Sep 22 2018

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Two years ago, I was on National Youth Service to my dear nation. During this period, I was posted to a secondary school in one of the rural areas of Edo state. Now, this particular school does not have an English teacher prior to my arrival. This meant there was a lot of work for me to do. Because of my area of specialization, I assumed the role of their English teacher.

One particular day, I asked my students to write an essay on how they spent their holiday. One of the essays really caught my attention. According to the words of the writer “I didn’t read my books during the holiday; my dad was the one that forced me to read and whenever he does that, I will tell him that female education ends in the kitchen”.

Okay, can someone do a rewind or something? More like I was hit with a thunderbolt or something close to it. whaaaaaat! Seriously, I can’t bring myself to imagine that someone could have such a thought in this dispensation. Unfortunately, the thought exists and that can be highly attributed to the kind of environment they find themselves in.

I called her the next day and sat her down for a friendly gist.  I was particularly interested in the matter because this girl in question was one of the brightest minds in that class; I couldn't let it slide. I opened up a catalogue of women; great women in our contemporary world that have impacted and are still impacting the world at the same time not neglecting their motherly and wifely duties.

One of such women I pointed to her was Dr Mrs. Uju Okorie. This is someone I respect a lot. She’s a doctor, a writer and a wife amidst many other things. I draw inspirations from her impeccable write-ups; so do others who follow her write-ups on her blog and social media page. She has many accolades to her name. Recently, she won the first prize for best poster presentation on World Sepsis day in the hospital she works.

Ibukun Awosika is another woman who has made a mark in the business industry; Mo Abudu is a media personality/entrepreneur whose TV show: Moments with Mo has inspired many. She’s not just a media personality but also a human resource management consultant. She also created the show: the debaters which focus on giving Africa a voice by promoting oratory. Her foundation, inspire Africa foundation has carried out initiatives aimed at protecting street children. Certainly, if her education ended in the kitchen, then the lives of people may not have been impacted except if she worked from the kitchen. The number of women represented in different sectors of the economy is too numerous to mention.

I was glad that after this talk with her, she had a new mindset about herself and her education. What gladdened me more was that earlier this year; she called me telling she cleared all her papers at the Senior School examination she took. She will continue with her tertiary education and I will really follow her up on this.

So dear young girl, the woman in you doesn’t mean you should end your life in the kitchen. The virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 did not spend her entire life in the kitchen. She was a seamstress, she was a merchant buying and selling; she was doing various things at the same time taking care of her family. She was a complete woman who did not relegate any part of her calling to the background. She does not have the time to be lazy. She helped the poor and the needy! Yes! She extended her services to those who needed it.

Your education DOES NOT AND WILL NEVER END IN THE KITCHEN except you chose to let it end there. You are created to fulfil a need on earth. There is something within you that the world needs. That “world” doesn’t have to be the whole countries in the world. Your immediate environment can be your “world”.

And to my older women, don’t just live because every other person is living; Get up and do something. Do something that will benefit others around you. If your education ends in the kitchen, you will only be ministering to your household. Expand your audience and impact into their lives. While doing this, do not try to imitate anyone. We all have our peculiar assignments. There’s a vacuum in the scheme of things which you are meant to fill. Find what it is and get to work.

BE THE GREAT WOMAN YOU ARE MEANT TO BE. Not the one whose education ends in the kitchen. Be the woman who uses her education to better the lives of others.



Faith Ijeoma Ezenwere

Hi there, My name is Faith Ijeoma Ezenwere. I am a Broadcast Journalist/OAP and a teen coach. I am passionate about building a community of impact driven Teens and young adults in all spheres of life. In simple terms, I help Teens/Young adults live their dreams. Welcome to my World!

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