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Kitty had just completed her junior secondary school education, and was eager to begin a “new life”. A new life it was indeed; she would be learning new subjects entirely; addressed differently (as “Senior”); she would buy a different kind of school bag, pair of socks, and notebooks, as it befits a senior student. So much hype! However, most importantly, (and which was major on her mind) was the fact that, she would have to choose one out of three fields namely: Arts, Sciences, and Commercial. It was a time to make the ultimate decision – the decision of her life, she calls it.

She knew exactly what she wanted.



“Kitty, what would you like to become in the future?” her mates asked her.


With great enthusiasm, she replied, “I want to be a teacher”.


This was her reply when her teachers and friends asked her too. Kitty, the outspoken girl, arrived home one day and told her mom of what had happened at school that day, including how she had been asked of her future ambition her reply.


“Will you keep quiet? My child will never be a teacher. Teacher? God forbid!” Kitty’s mum said abruptly.


Kitty was weak. She felt like a cock that has just been bathed with water. “What will I make of my life then? I don’t seem to like any other field apart from this one.” She thought to herself.



Years later, Kitty was now in the senior secondary school. The question came again from her classmates. Without blinking her eye, she responded, “I don’t know”.


Going by her active involvement at school, especially in the arts, her classmates started making speculations, or what seemed to them as suggestions.


“You’ll make a good Lawyer.” Nina told her.


“You should venture into Journalism.” Josh offered.


“Precisely, News presenting.” Abby added.


On and on, her classmates kept suggesting. Some said she would fit well as an actress. The only contrary view was one that said she’s introverted and would make a great Medical Doctor. These were all enough to compound Kitty’s dilemma.



Now, Kitty was ready to further her education, with little or no idea what she wants for herself. Alas, after weighing her love for the sciences and the arts, she decided she’d rather opt for the Arts. And, who knows, she might find a “noble” profession for herself as the years roll by. Hence, with much enthusiasm and expectation, Kitty landed in the Arts department.


Notwithstanding, the story did not change. Her father stamped his feet on the ground. “No way! My daughter will have nothing to do with the Arts.” He turned to face her. “Tell me, do you want to be a news presenter or an actress? Or what are you there? Oh! Is it a teacher you want to become? There are better professions. You could be a Medical Doctor, an Architect, or even an Engineer.” (Little did Kitty know that these professions are her father’s love, and would have trained in one of them, if he had furthered his education.)


“Daddy, I don’t like of any of those professions that you have mentioned. I want the Arts. There are a lot of nice professions in the Arts too.” Kitty defended her choice. But the advocacy skill her classmates perceived she has was not working this time.


“My words are final! Either you go to the Sciences or you forfeit the payment of your school fees henceforth,” her father snapped.


Kitty was weak. She was dejected. She felt like she was alone. Dad had said No; Mom wasn’t budging either; kid bro was too young to defend her case. She was indeed alone.



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