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So, with no choice left, Kitty migrated from the Arts department to the Sciences after two days. She managed to give her best. And after the first term, she came home with a grade above seventy percent. Everyone was glad. “She’ll definitely do well,” they thought. At the end of the second term, her grade dropped to sixty percent. “She’ll get her feet back; she’s probably getting playful,” they assured themselves. However, at the end of the third term, she had dropped again to fifty percent. By this time, her parents got concerned.


“Mr Olly, what is wrong with our daughter?” they asked Kitty’s teacher.


“Your daughter is a bright girl, but she’s not where she wants to be. She would have done better if that was what she loved. But she does not like it, and it is affecting her performance.” Kitty’s teacher explained.


“What, then, do you advice?” her concerned parents asked.


“Allow her explore her world. Let her do what she likes best.” The teacher offered.


“If that is the case, then we will let her be.” Her parents said with a tone of finality.



Kitty’s second year in the senior secondary school found her back in the Arts, where she now topped her class till she graduated from secondary school. No doubt, she was doing not what she liked, but what she loved.



Kitty finished her secondary school education, a fulfilled young girl, her mind all set for college. However, there was a question yet unanswered. This stage of her life is a delicate one. She cannot afford to gamble in between departments. She must make her choice and be sure about it. But she still hadn’t been able to answer the ever looming question, which is, her choice of profession.


While trying to unravel the knot, an idea came out of the blues. Her teacher told her, “Why not study Languages?”


“Really? That sounds interesting.” She said excitedly.


She accepted that advice immediately, and she commenced her research on what the course entails and what it has to offer. She found out, in the midst of her research that, the field is a liberal one. She could carve a niche for herself in almost any profession: Medicine, Law, Architecture, Political Science, Education, and Computer Science, to mention a few. She was elated.


“That’s exactly what I am going to study at the University!”


She wrote the Certificate Examination and passed all her papers at one sitting. She proceeded to write the Matriculation Exam which she passed too. Finally she wrote the University’s entrance examination. There were no disappointments. She passed and was admitted to read a course she so desired - Languages.



“Wow! You will make a great Lecturer. You teach so well, and you are intelligent.” Ivy, her classmate, told her in their first year at University.


She was taken aback. Did she just hear someone say that to her? That’s exactly what she has wanted all her life. Still, she treaded softly, and at the same time, real at her thing.

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