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The friendship between Sissy and Pally blossomed and their long phone conversations increased. Once in a while, they met at her hostel basement or the Hall Square, and sometimes, he took her to eat special dishes at the Main Square arena; they called it ‘the heart of the school’.

They talked about different aspects of life – spiritual, physical, material, career, psychological – name it. He built a culture of calling her after each day’s activities and they chatted late into the thereafter. They became really close that some random members of their fellowship thought they might have something deeper going on. One of the ladies even called Sissy his mother, because she had seen her bring food for him to the fellowship some time. Only their mutual friends knew there was no more to their friendship. To her, he was not just her friend, but the elder brother she did not have. However, Sissy’s roommate warned that she treaded carefully.

One day, Pally called as usual. He sounded different.

“What’s this in your tone?” She asked when she could not place it.

“Guess what?”



“I can’t. Just say it.”

“I will be going on a one week tour to Ghana with some friends.”



She tried to hide her disappointment and feign excitement but he caught it.

“I understand how this makes you feel, Sissy. But don’t worry. It’s only a week and I will be right back. The expedience of this trip is that it affords me the unparalleled opportunity to meet and mix with people of different culture.”

She was now used to his love for big English as she liked to term it.

He continued, “I promise to stay in touch with you all through my stay there.”

“Okay,” she drawled.

“Cheer up, Sissy. I promise, I won’t let you feel my absence one bit.”

“All right. So when are you due to leave?”

“We leave on Sunday.”

“Oh! Today is Friday.” Her voice dropped again.

“Yes, but don’t worry. I planned something for you already.”

“What?” She was curious.

“I’ll pick you up at six forty-five.”

They ended the call and she wondered what the plan he had for her was. She was ready by the time he arrived at they walked to the car park. He told the driver their destination and they hopped in.

Fifteen minutes later, they were outside the restaurant.

“Purple Ryde?” She asked with a tone mixed with excitement and disbelief. She was also unsure what stunts he meant to pull this time.

She let him lead the way and instead of walking to the main entrance, he turned right. There was a low fence with an equally low gate on that side. The fence and gate were made out of cut bamboo sticks. Above the gate was an arch decorated with fancy coloured lights. It had a signage that bore The Purple Resort. There were tiny purple lights around the letterings on the signage that made them more pronounced against the black platform on which they were placed.

They stepped in through the gate which was opened for them by a young man, who she thought may be in his late twenties. He was clad in a white polyester shirt that had big purple flowers imprinted on a pair of ivory colour loose chinos shorts that was only long enough to cover his upper thigh.

Immediately they entered through the gate, there was another lady beaming with smiles waiting to receive them. She was wearing a halter neck blouse on a mini skirt, made with the same material as that on the young man at the gate. She quickly concluded that it must be their work uniform. The lady, obviously in her early twenties, led them to the hut made of dry bamboo sticks and covered with dried fronds. The shed was big but compartmentalized to provide privacy to those who needed it but there was also the main area.

They settled in one of the empty sections. When Sissy raised her head, the waterfall was facing her. “Wow!” She exclaimed.

Pally traced her gaze and his eyes landed on the waterfall. He beamed with smiles. Mission halfway accomplished, he thought.

A waiter was standing at the table and they turned their attention back. He gave them the menu list. The menu consisted of light snacks and drinks. She chose chicken barbeque and chips with mixed fruit juice while he ordered for just fruit salad. The waiter brought their orders in lesser time and they were soon eating and chatting.

When they finished eating, he asked if she would like to take a walk around the resort.

“How about we go to the other side?” He nodded towards the waterfall.

How about? Did you say ‘how about’? You think I’d be willing to miss the opportunity the second time?”

He let out a hearty laugh. “All right, then. Let’s go to the waterfall.”

“- and lake,” she added.

He grinned.

They walked to the waterfall and then to the lake. She discovered that the water turned purple when she put her hand or leg in it. Mind-blowing, she thought. She decided she was going to spend one of her holidays there since they had rooms for those who would like to lodge. She could not help but imagine what the rooms would look like.

While she fantasized, Pally stole glances at his wristwatch. He spoke at last after minutes of silence.

“We should start going back to the campus now. It’s late already.”

“Hmm…yeah. This was so nice of you. Thank you.” She smiled sheepishly.

“Anything for you, Sissy.”

On their trip back to the campus, he promised her he was going to keep in touch as frequently as he could while he was away on his trip. He also promised to bring her Ghanaian souvenirs when he arrived back in the country.




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Hi there, My name is Faith Ijeoma Ezenwere. I am a Broadcast Journalist/OAP and a teen coach. I am passionate about building a community of impact driven Teens and young adults in all spheres of life. In simple terms, I help Teens/Young adults live their dreams. Welcome to my World!

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