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The following weeks gradually became very busy both for Sissy and Pally as well. He was preparing for an intra-school competition. Besides the competition, he had some other activities calling for his time.

Sissy, on the other hand, busied herself with assignments and class projects. She also documented her goals for the semester, which included saving up for her vocational training. This time, it had moved beyond a dream to a goal which she must achieve by the next long holiday she’d be having from school.

Despite their busy days, Pally made sure he called her at least once daily and gave her updates of his plans. He also made out time to chat with her, although their chats hardly extended till late into the night. This was good for Sissy as it meant she had more time to work on her goals.

As she climbed down the stairs on her way to class one morning, she heard someone call out behind her. She turned to see who it was.

“Oh Gina, it’s you.” She smiled softly.

“Yes, it’s me.” She returned her smile. “Happy resumption.”

“Yeah, thanks. Welcome back to school.”

“Thank you. Did you know I just resumed?”

“You just did?”

“Yes, there’s nothing much going on in my class yet so I decided to stay at home a little longer to focus on my baking. I had orders to deliver on and I had learnt new recipes I wanted to try out.”

Sissy’s eyes bulged. “You bake?”

“Yes, I do. My father made sure I learned how to bake before I wrote the entrance examination here.”

Wow! She thought. And here she was, fighting her parents every holiday to allow her learn a skill. Their disapproval was the bane of their relationship. She could not understand why they never respected her opinions and decisions. No one listened to her.

“I fought him and cried every day. You know, watching my secondary school classmates pack their bags and baggage, off to school, was terrifying. I felt left behind.” She smiled as she remembered the experience.

“But today, I am the better for it and I am forever grateful to my parents for that one decision they made for me. You know I found out later, that many of my classmates were only running pre-degree programs, and a year later, I got an admission and we were right on the same level.” She chuckled as she finished.

Awe was written all over Sissy’s face. She hadn’t heard any of the things Gina had said. The only thing ringing in her head was, ‘Gina bakes’. She noticed a protracted silence and that reverberated her back to the moment.

“That is really nice. And you sound like you love it.” She managed a smile.

“Of course, I do. I dare say that I am obsessed with catering.” She paused as though to let it sink inside of Sissy. Then she continued, “What about you? Do you bake?”

This was her moment and she was going to seize it. “No, not yet, although I’d love to. I plan to check for a baking institute around the school and commence training during the holidays.”

“Lovely!” Gina clapped. “You can come to my room sometimes when you are less busy. I would be most pleased to show you some basics. That would help you when you get to the institute too. You would be steps away from being a novice.” She winked.

“Really? That’s so kind of you. I appreciate it. Thank you, Gina.”

“You don’t have to. After all, what are – friends for?” She was unsure if she could call her ‘friend’ yet but she said it anyway.

She called out her room number which Sissy scribbled on her notepad and shared bear hugs before they each went to their respective classes. She couldn’t wait to share her good news with her roommate.

That night, after Tommie had settled in bed, they chatted about their day and Sissy told her about the offer Gina made her.

“You don’t say! That’s great, girl!” She slapped her high five. “You now see the importance of goal setting? When you dream, you don’t start living in the dream. You should wake up and live the dream. You see it now?”

“Yes, babe. Goal setting backed up with prayers is the way to go. Whooh-whooh!” She made some funny dance steps.

“Correct, girl. You see am now? No be every time you go just dey worry. If something happen, best thing na to sidon analyse way forward for the matter. You hear?

“Yes, mummy.”

Yeye girl!”

They both laughed.









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Hi there, My name is Faith Ijeoma Ezenwere. I am a Broadcast Journalist/OAP and a teen coach. I am passionate about building a community of impact driven Teens and young adults in all spheres of life. In simple terms, I help Teens/Young adults live their dreams. Welcome to my World!

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