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Sissy sighed for the umpteenth time as she got to her room. She crashed her weight in her bed, unable to get Gina’s words out of her mind. All through their conversation after she referred to Pally as her boyfriend, she was barely concentrating. But she feigned interest not wanting to appear upset.

Maybe Tommie was right after all? She had said she would work on her advice but she hadn’t. An idea struck her – cut off from him. She thought against it. That was not a good idea although it would be an easy way to get rid of this picture of them that people were already forming – or have formed. Who knows how many people saw them in the same light as Gina did? She brought to memory how some members of the fellowship they attended usually looked at them – the ladies especially.

How was she going to cut off from Pally? He did not offend her in any way. She concluded then, that she would ask him about it. Of course, she had no butterflies in her stomach for him. So she needed to know his mind too to be doubly sure that their thoughts and intentions for the relationship are mutual.

God, help me. I don’t want to spoil things. I need wisdom for this. She prayed silently and went to bed.


The weeks have been busy as he had been preparing for the election - he was contesting for the office of the presidency. Anyway, he called just as he always did. Their conversation went on a normal flow, with him telling her about the recent steps he has taken in winning the election and the literary competition he had applied for. She listened with rapt attention as he shared. Just as soon as he ended his narration, she asked him a question out of the blues.

“Pally, do you like me?”

“Yes, I do?”

“Are you attracted to me?” She asked further.

“Yes, I am.”

She asked again, “Do you think of dating me?”

There was a momentary pause and he started to say.

“What? Why would I want to? You think I would want to date you?”

“No, I don’t think so. I just asked out of curiosity. There is absolutely nothing attached to it.”

“Curiosity kills the cat. Look, I am not a boy, so I don’t need a girlfriend. I am a man and when I am ready, I will get me a wife!”

Sissy was shocked. She could not explain what the outburst was about. Had she gone overboard with her questions?

“I need to go now. But, don’t force me to severe this relationship.”

She stayed quiet, short of words. The line went dead.

“Wow! Wow! Wow!” She found herself saying repeatedly long after the call had gone off. After several ‘wows’, she felt like she was beginning to sound like a police siren, so she stopped and lay still in bed, unable to get the event of that night out of her mind.

They neither talked nor met for the next one week and when he called a week after, he said had been extremely busy so he could not call or chat. She simply nodded.

“I would like us to meet somewhere around my faculty at twelve noon tomorrow. There is a relaxation centre close to the faculty.”

She wondered where this was headed, seeing she had never visited him, not at his hostel, not at his faculty. He always came.

“I’m sorry; I will be busy at that time.”

“Okay, I will see you at two. I will be coming to do some business at your faculty.”

“What business?”

“Business, Sissy.” His voice was firm.

She knew better not to probe further.

“All right. I will see you then.”

“Okay, bye.”

Before she could say her own ‘bye’, the call went off. She exhaled and shook her head. She felt herself trembling and she tried to keep her body under control.

He came around the next day and after they settled under a shade, he spoke up.

“I have a number of things to say. First, here is the book you lend me.”

She took it from him wondering if he was really through with it.

“Secondly, I have noticed that these past weeks have been very frivolous. I need some time off to catch up. I won’t be available for chats or calls for some time.”

She nodded. Was she now an object of frivolity?

“Thirdly, regarding what you asked the other night, I need you to know that I am a man and I cannot get married to a girl. You don’t pass to be called Mrs Anderson. You cannot even step into the shoes of a Mrs Anderson.”

With that, he called the meeting to a close leaving her there, stuck to her seat and mouth agape. She managed to close her mouth long after he had left. Her eyes were now heavy, so were her feet. She pulled herself together and dragged herself to the hostel. She was crushed.

The minute she entered her room, she slumped on her bed and fresh hot tears trickled down her face. Had her worth reduced to crumbs? Did Pally say all those to her? She replayed his words and found it hard to believe. It was harder to believe because this is one person she had come to trust. Did she give her trust to one who was verbally abusive?

Tommie entered the room an hour later to find her lost in thoughts.

Wetin you dey always think sef?” She said as she dropped her bag on the bed. When she did not get a response, she tapped her.

No be you I dey follow talk?

Sissy’s heart jumped.

Wetin happen?” She inquired, now worried.

“Tommie, he said I am a frivolity. He messed up my morale, my esteem.” She burst into tears again.

“Who did that?” She asked confused.

“My- Pally.”

“How? Why? When?”



Watch out for the final episode!



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