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Some time ago, I had this sexual urge, sudden and intense. The intensity it came got me wondering where on earth it came from. The first question my inner me asked my outer me was;

Inner me: aunty Ijay, se o si? Are we in our ovulation ni? 

Outer me: rolls eyes. (quickly did a mental calculation and truly, it was our ovulation timing)

Inner me: okay, snap out of it. There’s no point. Don’t even give it a second chance. It’s not like there is anyone available to vest the emotions on. You do know where it will end up if you prepare a table for it to settle right? Wild imaginations that will defile your thoughts…

Outer me: true….

Inner me: tell body to calm down. Time dey come to scatter ground and roof for that side. You know warraim saying? 😂Talking about that, that’s if the rapture doesn’t happen as you want to “scatter the ground”. 😏

Outer me: go away jhoor. You’re such a killjoy. 😒😏. Make the trumpet kuku sound so we’ll goan rest.

Inner me: I know😂. But on a serious note, don’t allow your mind dwell on those thoughts when they come. As Abba’s daughter, you know these things are non- negotiable. You got to keep the emotions till you sign the marriage contract with his son; that means no smooching, no kissing, no sex and no emotional brouhaha that will culminate to immorality. You know Abba wants you to honour him by maintaining sexual purity, not just in actions now, but also in thoughts and things you feed your eyes and mind on.

Outer me: yea, righttttttt

Inner me: why are you stressing the right?

Outer me: it’s hard jhooor, some of the times, if not most of the time.

Inner me: I can relate. Na me and you kuku dey this body so it’s hard for all of us. Relax. Go cool off with a chilled zobo. Abba’s grace is sufficient for you. You no go die If you no do. The desire will come and go if you don’t feed it.

Outer me: 😩

Inner me: you remember that time you had this kind of feeling and you went about pleading the blood of Jesus, saying, Jesus help me 😂

Outer me: I kuku remember. It was crazy mehn. Wait, have you forgotten Dupe’s ordeal too? How she was pacing upandan her room blasting in tongues. That day, there was nothing she did not do. Girl read the scriptures, listened to one fire brand message and even started calling all her converts just to distract her mind.

Inner me: you forgot that she had a cold shower on top . Did you even forget Simi’s experience? Aunty was literally crying saying “Ijay, what is wrong with me, am I still saved like this? Why am I feeling this way?

Outer me: I remember. And then you had to explain to her that the feelings are normal but what she makes out of it is what matters. If you feed and entertain it when you are not supposed to, it will lead to ungodly tendencies.

Outer me: konji is a what? A bomboclat mehn. Na to kuku nail it to the cross, so when the time comes to scatter area, we will goan take it back!

I can only imagine how those courting copes when these desires springs up. Just imagine you having one of those days of the emotional brouhaha and you are standing before God’s fine son/daughter turned Bae, with biceps, shapes and all in its rightful place…. And you know you can’t eat the meat before you ‘cos it’s not done abi ripe 😂. Oluwa saanu wa ooo.

Inner me: I dey tell you. Kai. It is well o. Howfa, your body don come down?

Outer me: no oooo…

Inner me: Ogbeni come off it jhooor. No allow me use slap comot that mood for your body 😒. Make I see whether your body no go come down.

Outer me: camdan, your blood too dey hot.

Inner me: no o, e no go hot. Make e dey cool so that you will put the two both of us in trouble. Alakoba, Mtchewwwww.


This story reminded me of one funny scenario during service. One guy was eyeing me. One goody giddy day, I was alone in my room when I had this overwhelming desire to be held by this young man. Kai. I didn’t know what to do other than to start crying. I even came on Facebook to make one motivational post of life.

So, singles/those in courtship, how do you manage those sexual feelings/desires that pops up now and then?

Married folks, how did you handle it when you were single? Did you engage in marathon speaking in tongues or you went hunting for souls for the Lord? 

share with us. You might be helping a young person channel their emotions aright.

I’ll be here sipping my water while I read your comments…. 


Se o si? : Hope there is no problem


Faith Ijeoma Ezenwere

Hi there, My name is Faith Ijeoma Ezenwere. I am a Broadcast Journalist/OAP and a teen coach. I am passionate about building a community of impact driven Teens and young adults in all spheres of life. In simple terms, I help Teens/Young adults live their dreams. Welcome to my World!

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