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On her own, Kitty began a self – discovery program. She should be able to say what profession she wants to venture into after her University education. Then, she must find out who she really is: what her gifting is; what she has passion for; what she does with so much ease; and is willing to do without collecting a penny.


This program that spans through her four years stay at the University was the beginning of definition, clarity and preciseness.


In her second year, her love for Lecturing (call it Teaching too) had begun to eat deeply into her. There was no turning back. This is what she had declared over a decade back, and here it is, springing up again. Her lecturers even confirmed it. Other classmates did too.



Four years passed. Kitty completed her University education and was the best female graduating student. Her joy knew no bounds. It was double honours for her; she had also run a four years self – discovery program by and for herself. Life after school looked promising.

Just as she predicted, life was promising. Kitty found out that she was so into anything art and craft. She loved to be creative; to do things with her hands; to do the same thing in a different way, and she loved to show (call it teach) people what she has discovered.


Years later, Kitty opened a fashion house, established a food and confectionery business, and a craft house. As the organizations grew, she weaved them all into an institute, and employed teachers in the respective skills to impart others with the same knowledge, she being one of the teachers too.


She did not stop there. She established a primary school, where the students were taken through self-development courses. She also established a secondary school and made sure the institute’s scheme was incorporated alongside the academic curriculum. Hence, the students were taught basic subjects, and at least, one skill.


Kitty understood that not every child is interested in anything art-related. Therefore, she came up with other skills that are science-related. This way, among other things she did, she achieved her dream of imparting knowledge to people.

Kitty ended up living a fulfilled life against all odds. It was tough and really challenging, but her determination helped her to scale through the challenges.


Her parents, who were formerly not interested in her choice of the arts, now celebrated their daughter and gave her their maximum support and blessings.



Are you like Kitty? Do you have a story similar to hers? Are you confused? You just don’t know what you want. Or you do know but have parents who would rather have you do something else?


All these questions have answers. You can direct your questions to For mentorship, you can call 09024956403.


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