Love me; don't lust after me

Posted on Wed, Feb 14 2018

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“The trees bow to the magnificence of my love -”

“Can love be magnificent?” She sounded amused.

“Of course, it can be.”

“Cut to the chase, please.”

“Err, okay, I love you.”

She smiled sheepishly and with all the courage she could muster, she looked into his eyes.

“I don’t love you – too.” Her eyes were stern.

“Jodi, I mean my words.”

“Get thee behind me, Sat- Stanley!”

He was flabbergasted. The next ten minutes found her running without looking back.

Safe in her room, she burst into tears.


“I will be everything you want me to be to you. Feel free to tell me anything you need anytime. I will go any length you want me to go with you. I love you, angel.”

That’s so kind of him, she thought. “I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. Good night.”

“Good night, angel.”

She was naïve and innocent. She did not think much of what those statements meant. To Jodi, he was such a caring soul. Moreover, he was a decade older than she was. What else could she have concluded? He left a message for her every morning; sent her text messages while at work, and she, in turn, sat up late till he arrived from work. They chatted about the day till they were ready to go to bed – she wished they never had to.

Sometimes, she watched football matches with him. He listened to her daily experiences and comforted her when she needed it. She liked to call him her succour – the one that brought her joy.

Truth is, he was her big consolation in a big house with virtually no one to relate with. Her guardian? She had no time for her.  

One night, after taking his dinner, he invited her to his room. Eighteen years old, naïve Jodi heeded his invitation.

“I’m so tired tonight,” he said after taking his dinner. “Let’s go upstairs to chat.”

She followed him and they were soon chatting as normal.

She recounted how she was ill-treated by her guardian earlier in the day. She sounded sad and a tear escaped the corner of the eye.

“Oh no! Come here, angel.” He pulled her closer to himself.


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She melted into his broad bare chest as he stroke her hair. She was soon comforted and he let her go. He shared his own experiences and they said their good nights.

This was their routine for the next one month until one night. He was too tired to sit at the dining table for their chats; stretching in bed seemed a better option.

“Let’s go upstairs,” he offered.

“I’ll join you. Let me clear the kitchen cabinets.”

Minutes later, she was in his room. He stood up to embrace her and reassure her, “Don’t you ever be scared. Just tell me anything you want and what length you want me to go with you and I will do just that. I love you and you mean a lot to me.” He was behind her now, his hands wrapped around her waist.

While she processed those words, his right hand travelled upwards and settled under the round mould of her breast, causing it to sit firmly on his hand, while his left hand wrapped round her waist. Like a thunder flash, she jolted.

“What?” (Still in shock). The only thing she remembered was, she found herself in her room taking rapid breaths. Did she just escape being raped or being cajoled into having sex? But he’s meant to be an ‘uncle figure’. Did he not say he loved her? He probably did not mean any harm, being a man of God. Alas, there was no one to give answers to her questions.

His name was Stanley, too.


Dear Man,

If you say you love me,

Then love me, don’t lust after me.

If I am naïve,

It isn’t a call to take advantage of me.

Let me be a girl;

Let me grow at my pace;

Don’t rid me of the true meaning of love.

If you must love me,

Then love me, don’t lust after me.


Dear Mother,

You said you love me,

But you did not show me what love is.

I thought I knew what love is

Until I saw what posed as love

Alas, it was just that – a pose.

He said he loved me;

It turned out to be lust.

If you say you love me,

Then show me, lest I mistake lust for love.


Dear Guardian,

To you, my life was entrusted;

Food, drink, and raiment aren’t just requested.

A little attention here,

Some dose of sensitivity there,

In the right quantity are these required,

Lest by any means my soul be deceived.

Before a stranger tells me he loves me,

Will you show me some love,

For I fear I may be swept by the wind of lust.


Dear Me,

I know you are young,

Yes, you are innocent,

But dare not to be naïve.

Educate yourself;

Get the right knowledge;

Understand what love is

So when he comes beckoning with lust

You can firmly say,

Love me; don’t lust after me.


This story is a faction – a real-life experience. However, names have been changed. This story may not be reproduced, copied or published anywhere else without the permission of the author or publisher.


Written by Christianah Ajiki

Published by Ijaysworld

Copyright February 2018.


Faith Ijeoma Ezenwere

Hi there, My name is Faith Ijeoma Ezenwere. I am a Broadcast Journalist/OAP and a teen coach. I am passionate about building a community of impact driven Teens and young adults in all spheres of life. In simple terms, I help Teens/Young adults live their dreams. Welcome to my World!

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